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Abstract Submissions

The Australian College of Critical Care Nurses (ACCCN) represents thousands of critical care nurses throughout Australia. This conference provides an opportunity for critical care clinicians to share their ideas and stories. ACCCN welcomes new talent and first-time presenters.

  • Call for Abstracts

    Opens: 7/02/2019 09:00 AM

    Closes: 20/03/2019 11:59 PM

Abstract Submission Information


The idea behind our 2019 call for abstracts is to focus on local issues and solutions that might have a wider more immediate application. We want to encourage clinicians to share their projects and take some innovative interventions or ways of working back to their units to replicate new ideas and monitor the implications and/or outcomes themselves.

You are invited to submit an abstract

We invite any critical care nurses, educators, managers, or teams to share what they have learned through local research or quality improvement projects, giving insight and stories about their work to the wider critical care population of Australia.

We are seeking submissions appropriate for two areas:

  • A - ‘MacGyver’ – innovative solutions to difficult problems
  • B - Quality Improvement Projects – how outcomes have been applied and their impact on the local area

Points to consider before or when submitting your abstract:

  • Will information in your presentation be generalisable to other intensive care units?
  • Is the project in line with best practice (where applicable)?
  • Have appropriate permissions been sought and granted – eg ethics approval where relevant?
  • Are results measurable?
  • What can clinicians learn from your presentation?
  • How can clinicians apply what they have learned in their own units?
  • How have you addressed any safety concerns in your project?
  • Has the project, or any aspect of the project been presented or published elsewhere? If so, please see Declaration of Consent to view the terms of submission
  • Are there any conflicts of interest?

Ensure your abstract ‘sells your idea’. Persuade us that telling the story of your project is worthy of a 20-minute oral presentation, or a 3-minute e-poster presentation at the 2019 ICE Conference.


Declaration of Consent

In order to submit your abstract, the author must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • I agree that I and any co-presenters will register for the 20th Annual Institute of Continuing Education (ICE) conference and pay for the registration fee. It is understood that I must meet my own travel and accommodation costs.
  • I agree that if my abstract is selected as an e-poster, that I or one of the co-authors must register and attend for the abstract to appear in the program and be displayed at the Conference.
  • I agree to be the contact for the Conference organisers to distribute presentation information and confirmation. I confirm that the contact details provided are that of the corresponding author.
  • Co-presenters and I consent to publication of the abstract (program, website and other conference promotional materials).
  • I agree that publication of the abstract does not infringe any copyright, intellectual property or third-party rights.
  • It is understood that if my abstract is chosen for an oral presentation the time of the presentation will be allocated within the program at the discretion of the Conference organising committee.
  • It is understood that even though I may prefer an oral presentation, I may be offered an e-poster presentation

The Conference organiser reserves the right to remove any reference or publication of an abstract if these terms are not complied with.


Successful Abstracts

Selection Process and Notification

  • All submitted abstracts will be blind peer-reviewed by the ICE Abstract Review committee
  • Abstracts will be reviewed according to the relevance to the conference themes, generalisability to other intensive care units, their contribution to innovative ideas being used at a local level that may have wider implications and overall quality.
  • Abstracts that do not meet the specifications will not be considered
  • Abstracts submitted for oral presentations may be offered an e- poster presentation
  • Notification of outcome is anticipated to occur via email on Thursday, 28th March.

Oral Presentations

  • Presentations will be 20-minutes, which will include 5 minutes for discussion
  • Presentations will need to be uploaded from USB at least 4 hours prior to presentation time
  • Power point presentations only are supported

e-Poster Presentations

  • e-Poster to be on a PowerPoint slide to be displayed on a rolling screen
  • For examples of e-posters and templates please use this link:
  • Authors will be given the opportunity to give a 3-minute presentation about their project at a time assigned by the conference organising committee
  • First author of the e-poster must be in attendance at the poster screen during the time-slots allotted by the conference organising committee
  • e-Poster will be judged by ICE delegates – first author must be present to be eligible to win a prize